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  1. Do you have to be a nudist to use Nudei?
  2. Is Nudei only for singles?
  3. Is Nudei affiliated with any official worldwide nudist organization?
  4. How much does a membership cost?
  5. How can I pay?
  6. What sort of pictures may I upload to my Nudei profile?
  7. Do I have to fill out a profile?

1.) No, many of the Nudei members are just curious about the nudist lifestyle and are looking for others to answer questions.

2.) No, Nudei may make all types of nude contact, but remember, Nudei is not a swingers site and will not permit any explicit sexual content in profile text or photos. Members who submit such material may have their profiles deleted and any subscription payments will not be refunded.

3.) At this point, Nudei is independent of AANR or any other nudist organization, but as Nudei develops, we hope to establish such connections.

4.) You can join Nudei and place an advertisement online for free. Full-access membership rates begin at $24.95.

5.) We only accept online credit card payments. They are processed through our secure payment processor. No credit card information is stored on the Nudei servers.

6.) You may upload up to 10 photos to your Nudei profile. We have several standards for your photos. You may upload .jpg, .gif and .php type photos of any size to Nudei. Our advanced photo manager will automatically resize your photos to the Nudei default sizes. Your first photo will be used as a thumbnail that is displayed next to your profile in search results. In that photo, our face must be clearly visible. For all photos, you may not use any sexually suggestive material. Using sexually explicit photos may lead to the deletion of your Nudei account.

7.) Not at all. Although we encourage you to use nudist lifestyle photos, you do not have to be nude. Feel free to show or cover as much as you like.

8.) You will want to complete a profile. Without a Nudei membership, you will not be able to access most of the Nudei features.

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